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Casa Segura Promotes Safer Sex

Casa Segura's harm reduction program helps prevent the spread of HIV, Hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) by promoting safer sexual practices. We offer free HIV, Hepatitis C, and STD testing to anyone in the community, so people know their HIV status. And we provide free condoms, so they can protect themselves and their partners.

Safer Sex Kits

Condoms are the most recognizable method of harm reduction. We provide safer sex kits with

Learning about Safer Sex

"I get needed information about HIV and Hep. C. When you do community outreach, I see ya'll out in the streets."

—Casa Segura Client

condoms, lubricant and educational information on safer sexual practices. These kits are available to anyone in the community. We also distribute condoms to sex workers in the Oakland area to help stop the spread of HIV, Hepatitis C and other STDs.

Free condoms and safer sex kits are available at our drop-in center as well as all three needle exchange locations. Please check for hours of operation at each location.

Safer Sex Education

At Casa Segura, we don't just pass out condoms. We educate people in the community about the importance of knowing their HIV and Hepatitis C status, and we talk to them about how to reduce their risk through safer sexual practices.

As part of our outreach program, we also present safer sex workshops at local schools and community groups. To schedule a workshop at your location, please call Casa Segura at 510-434-0307 ext. 307

Programs and Services

Learn how Casa Segura helps stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C.

Safer Sex